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I contend that this is a wildly exciting time in our culture.


There is a void.

We feel it. 

What we have and what we are being given is not enough.

We live in a culture that has more for sale than we could ever buy.

Yet so often we feel empty, lost, and unfulfilled.

I want to create music that helps us fill the void.

I want to start a new discussion.

I want us to move past shallowness, emptiness, and escape.

And to focus on what can fill us.  And what can lift us higher.



I have lived all across this country. . . inland, and on all three coasts. . . in the nation’s largest city and on her most remote set of islands. 

I have traveled to the other side of the world and experienced both vibrant and oppressed cultures.

I have seen our society make incredible progress, and I have seen us regress into low self-esteem, defensiveness and small thinking.

I have paid attention to our ever-changing cultural landscape, and it taught me this. . .  

We live in a post-modern world where we see both the wonder and the futility of progress. 

We cherish the American dream, and we also understand the emptiness of selfish pursuits.

We deeply value individualism, but we still long for community. ​

We have been to church, and many of us have left it.

Yet we still long for something deep and meaningful. We long for so much more.

And that gets me excited.  And I feel inspired to search for it with other people.

I want to present music that brings people together to experience and discuss more openly. . . what matters to us, how we can live more fulfilling lives, how we can serve each other better, and how can we access the richness of our existence.  Because from that knowledge we can improve our lives, our relationships, and our society at large.

So check it out. . .




We join up. Jeff gets on stage with his wild-looking Yamaha guitars and he rocks out with Nick and perhaps a special guest instrumentalist. He sings about life, love, loss, and living well today.  We jam, we listen, we sing, we dance, we take it in, and we live it up.


We bring in a savvy speaker to spark our curiosity, by presenting a topic and relating it to our lives.  The topic could be technology, science, ancient religions, present-day culture, spirituality, 
mental or physical health,  
and we soak it up.


Then we hang out and visit. We keep talking. We get to know each other. And when it's all over we go home safely, we keep thinking about all that meaningful stuff, and we stay in touch. We look out for each other and we look forward to when
we can do it again.


Growing up in suburban Michigan I was a regular kid who liked music a lot.  I grew up in a great community.

As a young man I went off to college on the East Coast and made a commitment to serve as a Navy Officer.  I became a Navy helicopter pilot and deployed several times to support two wars.  I did that work for a decade.


After the Navy I moved to New York City and became a professional guitarist.  I performed on tiny stages and on huge ones.  I played in front in front of handfuls of people in back-alley clubs, and I played in front of millions of people on national television.  I have played all kinds of styles, in all kinds of venues, for all kinds of productions. 

Along the way I also became a songwriter and composer.  I’ve written many songs over the years, some of which I hope are never played again.  I also wrote some music for a very important film called MURPH: The Protector that put me in contention for two Oscar Nominations. 

So here I am.

I have a family and I work hard every day to be a good man.

And here is where you can find me soon. . .



AUGUST 10, 2019

With . . .

The Laughing Goat in Boulder, CO.  We start at 7:30pm.  This is our first official gig, so Nick and I are pumped to crank it up.

AUGUST 15, 2019

With . . .

No-Name Bar in Boulder, CO.  This our SECOND GIG!  We're excited.  Join us if you need some excitement in your life.